Community Associations Institute of Arizona and The Leadership Centre are collaborating to provide a much-needed mediation service/resource to members and nonmembers, based on a demand of the state legislators and other community association stakeholders. This new collaboration is a way for us to give back to the community association industry and offer an alternative dispute resolution process. Community Associations Institute of Arizona is proud to offer an Solve-It Mediation Program to CAI AZ members as an exclusive benefit. 

What is Solve-It Mediation?

  • Is a voluntary, confidential and full resolution to the dispute can generally be reached in a few hours.
  • Strives towards a win-win solution and helps parties to avoid risk since no one knows with certainty what will occur when a case goes to court.
  • Seeks to resolve disputes to the satisfaction of all parties while preserving positive relationships. Voluntary and mutual agreements leave open the possibility for future relationships.
  • Is conducted by skilled, impartial mediators whose goal it is to help you find solutions. The process can transform disputants by creating a new understanding of other views to the situation.
  • May be initiated at any point before or during the legal process, whether or not you have an attorney.
  • Allows participants to learn how to improve their conflict resolution and communication skills so that the next time they encounter a problem, they can resolve it on their own.

We currently offer mediation and facilitation services for a wide range of community issues. Our highly trained volunteer mediators each bring special backgrounds, talents and skills to the conflict resolution table, and are adept at working with clients to achieve full resolution to their disputes! In fact, thanks to Solve-It! volunteer mediators, we have a 98% success rate helping our clients reach mutually satisfactory, written agreements that are still being upheld in 6-month follow-up interviews!

How does Solve-It Mediation work?

This new mediation service may be utilized for a number of conflict types, both interpersonal and intergroup, including:

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues– including security deposit disputes and rental property maintenance/responsibility
  • HOA Board Issues– including internal board relations and board/resident communication
  • Animal Issues – including problems with barking dogs, feral cats and horse properties
  • Property & Contract Issues – including vendor workmanship, development, easement disputes and maintenance concerns
  • Neighborhood Issues – including harassment and the neighborhood “rumor mill”

What are the benefits of Solve-It through CAI AZ?

The CAI AZ Solve-It Program will most likely be less expensive than the normal judicial process because it is a one-time fee rather than court costs and undetermined legal fees. Also, mediation is a confidential process unlike court cases that are adjudicated in public session. Many mediated disputes only require one session to resolve, and those sessions can be scheduled quickly. A filed court case may take months or years to resolve.

Fees will range from $25-$250, depending on the scope and complexity of each case.


If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact

Kayte Comes at or call (602)388-1159.

CAI Arizona: 11225 N. 28th Drive, C206 Phoenix, AZ 85029

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