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Kayte Comes

Chapter Executive Director

Kayte Comes is a San Diego native whose passion for swimming earned her a scholarship to Northern Arizona University.  Following graduation, Kayte  joined the YMCA and after 20 years of service across the country, moved to Arizona in 2004.  Kayte joined CAI's Central Arizona Chapter as its Executive Director on January 1, 2009.

Mrs. Comes holds a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management, MBA in Management and a master's degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.  She has proudly served the YMCA as a senior manager and faculty trainer where she coached managers on supervision, fundraising, group work, volunteerism, aquatic risk management, and pool maintenance. 

In addition to her YMCA service Kayte Comes has also served and is serving as a Board member for her current homeowners association, past condominium and homeowners associations, and for the Billings Heights Kiwanis Club and as a member of the Jenkintown Kiwanis Club.  She has also been an active volunteer for the American Red Cross.

Kayte brings to our Chapter an extensive knowledge of fundraising and community event planning, and extensive experience in working with diverse types of boards and volunteers.


    Stephanie Stokes

    Associate Executive Director

Stephanie Stokes, a marketing and sales professional with a proven track record of creating tactical marketing content, sales campaigns, and social media content.  She is known for her exceptional planning and implementation capabilities to create and deliver high-impact category/brand growth. 

Prior to taking on her role at Community Associations Institute. Stephanie spent over 15 years in the marketing industry helping businesses plan, optimize, and launch strategic marketing and business development objectives. Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Outside of the office, Stephanie enjoys weightlifting, hiking, and spending time with her family and three dogs.

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