CAI Arizona Chapter - Non-Payment / Non-Service Policy

Non-member pricing shall be an additional $300 on every Chapter event/function sponsorship. If the business joins the Chapter within 30 days a credit will be placed on their account for the $300.

CAI Arizona Chapter has a no tolerance “Suitcasing” policy.

Event Refunds are only given outside of the 45 day window before the event. In case of an emergency or any other serious situation that would cause the business not to attend it is up to the discretion of the executive director to credit or refund the business.

Late Payment Policy

When payment with a credit card at the time of registration is not an option, we offer the convenience of requesting an invoice.   The Payment Policy is designed to help secure timely payments, reducing the time spent collecting current and past-due accounts. Fees associated with past-due accounts will be implemented to encourage prompt payment and reduced the number of past-due accounts.  

Invoices are due within 45 days of receipt. We accept cash, check, and VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. 

Invoices with outstanding balances after 45 days will be subject to the following fees and restrictions:


     Invoices Outstanding               Late Fee (accrued)

            45-60 days                                $10

            61-75 days                                $15

            76-90 days                                $20

            Over 90 days                             $25*

 *In addition, members will be required to pay invoice(s) in full in order to attend any event or function and will be on a cash basis for six (6) months.

Nonpayment Policy – Effective August 18, 2016

After the 90 days have passed and the invoice(s) and late fees have not been satisfied, no communication from the member after repeated attempts, and the staff’s inability to obtain a credit card the member must be suspended from all committee activity, event registration, submitting any applications for the LAC or board nominations until all invoice(s) and late fees have been satisfied and the Chapter office has a credit card on file for future payments.

If the member in question is an annual sponsor and the sponsorship is paid in full, they are only able to participate in the events listed in their sponsorships as well as the allotted number of attendees based on the event sponsorship. If the sponsor wishes to have additional attendees it will be prohibited until their outstanding balance is satisfied. All the above mentioned restrictions will apply to the annual sponsor member.

**Per the Central Arizona Chapter Bylaws, revised November 14, 2017**

Article III, subsection 5:

Suspension for Nonpayment. The Chapter may adopt reasonable policies to suspend certain membership rights and privileges resulting from nonpayment of amounts due and owing to the Chapter or CAI.

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